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Consumers or Disciples by Alan Hirsch | Video

Video Clip by Alan Hirsch speaking to this important topic of disciples vs. consumers.

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The Forgotten Ways Handbook Church 3.0

A Dangerous Question and the Organic Church
The Secret Source of Unlimited Leaders

A Simple Process for Evangelism & Starting Churches
The Life Transformation Group System



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Discipleship: Copies of the Original
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Journeys To Significance

Journeys To Significance

by Neil Cole

From 2000 years ago, Paul calls to us, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Author Neil Cole takes that charge to heart, examining the leadership trajectory of the apostle and discovering phases of his development. Then he makes it practical for your development! More here.

TruthQuest Participant's Notebook

TruthQuest Participant's Notebook

by Neil Cole

New Revised Edition! Save $15. TruthQuest is a system for training emerging leaders in systematic theology and this notebook is for each learner. More details here.