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Ten Easy Steps to go from Movement to Monument - Neil Cole | Video

A presentation by Neil Cole looking at ten ways in which we can stop movements from happening.


Since it is tough to see the powerpoint slides, here's the 10 Step list for going from a “movement to a monument."  They are as follows:

1. From Biblical Priorities to Non-Biblical Priorities – valuing methods and traditions sacred as scripture

2. From Leadership to Management – the people expect to be managed and those that led now simply manage the people they have.

3. From Volunteers to Employees – increased staff creates pressure to maintain levels of income

4. From Proactive to Protective - establishment of programs and policies to protect the organization and or its leadership.

5. From Aggressive Mission to Accumulation of Wealth – rise in assets and a decrease in risk-taking.

6. From Servant Leadership to Leaders Who Are Served – those in power are motivated to protect their positions.

7. From the Presence of Christ As Our Rule to Policies and Procedures – “that’s the way we’ve always done it before.”

8. From The Margins to The Mainstream – the movement takes on a sense of prominence by the majority rather than being active on the margins.

9. From Organic Growth (x) to Organizational (+) -the growth shifts from multiplication on the grassroots level to the addition of programs and staff.

10. From Flat Structure to Fat – building of hierarchical layers.


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