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Simple Church Interviews Video with Wolfgang Simson, Neil Cole and others

When You Come Together by House2House

Church Planting Movements- ground breaking video by the Southern Baptists

The Journeys of Paul by Neil Cole @ Blossom

Organic Church Planting by Neil Cole- Impromptu

Insecurity in Leadership by Neil Cole @ LiveSent

Being Present with the City: Panel with Alan Hirsch, Shane Claiborne, & Neil Cole @ Exponential

Organic Leadership & Mentoring by Neil Cole @StudentCPx

What is the Church? by Neil Cole on THE SHOW

The Church as a Who not a What by Reggie McNeal on THE SHOW

The Rabbit & The Elephant - illustration with Wolfgang Simson

The Great Commission - an illustration

House Churches Around the World -a look at what's happening

What is Simple Church? Interviews with Students by Aaron Snow

Organic Church Interview with Ed Waken by Tim Sprankle

Exponential Growth: A Crash Course by Chris Martenson

The Most Important Scripture for Leaders by Neil Cole from The NINES

The Deal - Making Disciples from Ed Waken

Defining Missional - Succinct statement by Mike Frost

What is Organic Church? - in German Interview of Neil Cole (translated)

God's Kingdom Expanding in Europe and Beyond- Interview of Neil Cole

What is the DNA of the Church- Interview of Neil Cole

What do you do with Kids in a House Church? by Erik Fish

ReThink Church by the United Methodists

What is a Missional Community? by Felicity Dale

Worshipping at Home: Household Churches by ABC News

What Causes Growth? by Neil Cole

Movement to Monument: 10 Easy Steps to go from Inspiration to Institution by Neil Cole

Church 3.0 // Igreja 3.0 by Neil Cole with Portuguese Subtitles

Imagination and Mission: The Real Deal on Multiplication & Movements by Neil Cole @ Exponential

This is Discipling - insightful piece from the Foursquare Church

Who has had the Greatest Influence on you as a Leader? Answer by Neil Cole

Overview of Acts in 3 Minutes - funny short overview

The State of Christianity - Insightful world overview by the Urbana Conference

Upside-Down Leadership - Interviews with Neil Cole, Tony Dale and others

Selecting & Making Disciples - by Neil Cole

Sharing his story & about CMA - Mike Jentes for the Grace Brethren

Explanation of Person of Peace - Steve Addison

Modern Example of Person of Peace - Steve Addison

Movements that Change the World - Steve Addison

Consumers or Disciples? - Alan Hirsch

Following Jesus - Francis Chan

Sowing the Gospel - Romanian translation Greenhouse Story 1 Training - Neil Cole

The DNA of Church Multiplication - Neil Cole

What is Incarnational Mission? - Alan Hirsch

Challenge from General William Booth Founder of Salvation Army

Sabatoging Movements - Neil Cole

What is Church Planting "Movementum"? - Neil Cole

The Power of a Movement - Neil Cole

Building a Movement - Neil Cole

Believe in the Seed - Neil Cole

Earning the Right to Share the Gospel? - Answer by Neil Cole

What is the Best Way to make people interested in spiritual things? - Neil Cole

Are there People of Peace in the UK? - Neil Cole

Why do you keep going on & on about multiplication? - Neil Cole

A word for the church in UK - Neil Cole

Making Disciples: Can we do what Jesus modeled today? - Erik Fish

DNA of Church - Neil Cole



Series of Videos (Organized by Date)

Organic Church Movements Conference (February 2007)

2007 Organic Church Movements Conference
  1. Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill?: A Look at the Dark Side of Organic Church - Neil Cole
  2. Qualities of A Missional Leader - Reggie McNeal
  3. Mobilizing the Other Half of the Army - Felicity Dale
  4. The Starfish & The Spider - Ori Brafman
  5. Jesus Made Me Do It - Alan Hirsch
  6. Thinking Prophetically & Acting Apostolically - Wolfgang Simson

Blueprint Training by Campus Church Networks with Jaeson Ma & Neil Cole (May 2008)

  1. What is Church?- Video by Jaeson Ma
  2. What is a Church Planting Movement?- Video by Jaeson Ma
  3. How to do Simple Church- Video by Jaeson Ma
  4. 5 P's of Multiplying Campus Churches- Video by Jaeson Ma
  5. How to Start a Seekers Bible Study- Video by Jaeson Ma
  6. Search & Rescue -Life Transformation Groups- Video by Neil Cole

VERGE Missional Movement Conference Videos (February 2010)

Verge 2010
  1. Making & Multiplying Disciples by Neil Cole
  2. Church As A Living System by Neil Cole
  3. Panel Interview with Francis Chan, Dave Gibbons, Neil Cole & Ed Stetzer
  4. Disciple-Making Movements by David Garrison
  5. The Monkey & The Fish by Dave Gibbons
  6. Organic Systems - Main Session by Alan Hirsch
  7. Organic Systems - Breakout Session by Alan Hirsch
  8. The DNA of Gospel Movements- Q&A Breakout with Alan Hirsch
  9. Counter-Intuitive Movement Principles by David Watson
  10. Strategy Vs. Structure by David Watson
  11. Make Disciples Like The Apostles Did by George Patterson
  12. Someone Like You Can Start A Movement by George Patterson
  13. Following Jesus by Francis Chan
  14. What Causes Growth by Neil Cole

The Forgotten Ways- Intro to the 6 aspects by Alan Hirsch

The Forgotten Ways
  1. Intro to the Forgotten Ways - Alan Hirsch
  2. Jesus Is Lord Video-Alan Hirsch
  3. Disciple Making Video-Alan Hirsch
  4. Apostolic Environment Video-Alan Hirsch
  5. Organic Systems Video-Alan Hirsch
  6. Communitas, Not Community-Alan Hirsch
  7. Missional/Incarnational Impulse-Alan Hirsch

Neil Cole in Norway (May 2010)

  1. How Jesus Sees Lost People by Neil Cole
  2. Preparing Disciples to Make Disciples by Neil Cole
  3. How Jesus Sees the Church: Part 1 by Neil Cole
  4. How Jesus Sees the Church: Part 2 by Neil Cole
  5. Matthew 10, Luke 10 & the P.O.P.'s by Neil Cole
  6. Organic Leadership: Part 1 by Neil Cole
  7. Organic Leadership: Part 2 by Neil Cole
  8. The Ephesians 4:11 Team (APEST) by Neil Cole
  9. Upgrades for the Future of the Church by Neil Cole
  10. Can a Conventional Church Transition to Being Organic?

The NINES by Leadership Network on 9/9/2010

6 minutes to share on the biggest "game changer" moment in the lives of leaders

  1. Jaeson Ma - Game Changer
  2. Neil Cole - Resources to Reach the Ends of the Earth
  3. Alan Hirsch - Missionary Mindset
  4. Reggie McNeal - Be The Church

Michael Frost in Norway (2011)

  1. Following Jesus into Mission 1 by Michael Frost
  2. Following Jesus into Mission 2 by Michael Frost
  3. Missional Church 1 by Michael Frost
  4. Missional Church 2 by Michael Frost
  5. Missional Church 3 by Michael Frost

Neil Cole in UK - Newforms Conference (2012)

4-5 minute clips

    1. Sabatoging Movements
    2. What is Church Planting "Movementum"?
    3. The Power of a Movement
    4. Building a Movement
    5. Believe in the Seed

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      Journeys To Significance

      Journeys To Significance

      by Neil Cole

      From 2000 years ago, Paul calls to us, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Author Neil Cole takes that charge to heart, examining the leadership trajectory of the apostle and discovering phases of his development. Then he makes it practical for your development! More here.

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      TruthQuest Participant's Notebook

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