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The Camel: How Muslims Are Coming To Faith In Christ!

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by Kevin Greeson

For too long the Christian response to Islam has been fear, fight or flight. Kevin Greeson turns this response upside down, showing how to win Muslims to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Greeson's The Camel, How Muslims Are Coming to Faith in Christ! treats Muslims with respect while challenging them to confront their own sacred writings as a bridge to the Good News revealed in the Bible.

From North Africa to Indonesia, more and more Christians across the Muslim world are now using the Camel method to confidently enter mosques and madrasas to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Greeson's The Camel shows how the revolutionizing impact of the Camel method is sweeping through mission agencies and volunteer efforts as it emboldens believers to take the Gospel to Muslims everywhere!

In his revolutionary new book, Greeson gives a first-hand account of how and why thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ today through church-planting movements. In one instance, Greeson reveals how more than 3,000 new churches have been started and why more than 100,000 Muslim men and women have shifted their allegiance from Mohammed to Jesus in what has become the largest turning of Muslims to Christ in history.

Greeson's The Camel gives us the true inside story of these movements that continue to grow in scope and intensity. More importantly, Greeson shows us how we, too, can learn to ride the Camel and reveal its life-giving Secret to our own Muslim neighbors.

What emerges is a truly indigenous, vibrant and explosive paradigm of Christianity spreading across the Muslim world. These passionate new followers of Jesus submit themselves to the authority of the Injil (New Testament), worship in Isa jamaats (Jesus Groups), while identifying themselves as Isahi (those belonging to Jesus).

In a day when threats of terror and war are pitting Christians and Muslims against one another at levels unprecedented since the Crusades, Greeson summons us to a better Way. In this Way, we discover that God is already at work in the restless hearts of Muslim seekers yearning with a spiritual hunger and thirst for His Word. The Camel shows you how to find these hidden friends of the Gospel and draw them to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

This is a book you don't want to miss. Don't wait any longer. Climb on board the camel.

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