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Ordinary Hero: Becoming a Disciple Who Makes a Difference

Ordinary Hero by Neil Cole
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by Neil Cole

SOLD OUT...see Search & Rescue for the same content

Church planter and pastor Neil Cole knows about saving lives: he is a former California beach lifeguard.  In Ordinary Hero, he takes the lessons learned from that experience and applies them to our mission of rescuing people from darkness and leading them into the kingdom of God.  Cole presents a passionate and moving plea to continue the work of rescue, along with a simple, proven plan for doing so.


"Simple, uncluttered, apostolic, organic, and eminently doable."--From the foreword by Alan Hirsch, author, The Forgotten Ways

"A much-needed book. The key issue today is raising up disciples if we want to see lives changed and radical transformations take place in our society. What Neil recommends makes a difference."--Bob Roberts, pastor, NorthWood Church; author, Transformation, Glocalization, and The Multiplying Church

"I love it! I will recommend this book to every person on our staff and every leader in our network. No one knows more about how to make and multiply disciples than Neil Cole, and in Ordinary Hero he shares it with all of us." --Dave Ferguson, Community Christian Church/New Thing; author, The Big Idea & Exponential

"Ordinary Hero actually works. Neil Cole's network of friends and co-workers is the fastest-growing informal fellowship of believers in the Western world. Why? Because it instantly attracts every person who desires an exciting role as a genuine hero in the greatest adventure of our time."--James Rutz, author, Megashift

"Neil gives you everything you need to start patrolling your own beach if you want to get serious about lifesaving efforts."--Reggie McNeal, author, The Present Future

"Warning! This book will challenge you to save others' lives. If you read it, believe it, and do it, God will use your life to change the world."--Jaeson Ma, lead director, Campus Church Networks; author, The Blueprint

"Cole makes Christian disciple making come alive. A captivating story that is solidly biblical and down to earth, with practical application. Right on target!"--Robert E. Coleman, distinguished professor of evangelism and discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; author, The Master Plan of Evangelism

ISBN-13: 978-0-8010-7277-2
Published by Baker Books (2010) [Previously published in hardback as Search & Rescue 2008]
Paperback edition
240 pages


Special Note: This is the paperback version of Search & Rescue (Hardcover) which was published in 2008. You can get the hardback cheaper here

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Read 2 chapters free: - "Between a Rock & a Hard Place" &
"What is a Real Hero In God's Kingdom?"

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by Neil Cole The World Needs Heroes. Are you one of them? Christians today are on a rescue mission. Each of us is called to get involved in God's plan to make disciples. Church planter Neil Cole knowa about saving
by Neil Cole Hardcover Edition SOLD OUT--OUT OF PRINT! See the Paperback Edition Neil Cole is one of the founders of today's organic church movement, which has given rise to thousands of churches around the world.

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