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Truth Quest: The Facilitator's Guide

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by Neil Cole

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The TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide has everything needed within it it to lead the class discussions throughout the year of learning. It includes the Brain Bruiser Questions in each section to keep discussion lively and to probe deeper into the implications of truth. This simple tool makes it easy to lead 4-8 students through a year of theological training.

TruthQuest is a discovery system designed to equip leaders to continue the journey of learning for the rest of their life. Even more than that, it is also intended to help them to introduce this life-long journey process to others who can in turn do the same.

It is hard to find something that not only teaches others, but can easily reproduce and multiply into the lives of succeeding generations. TruthQuest is designed to do just that. TruthQuest is a system for training emerging leaders in systematic theology. It requires a class size between four and eight and one facilitator. Students meet one full day a month for a year to be prepared to think theologically, but also to pass that education on to others. (Each student needs their own notebook).

The new revision is 70 pages and includes a brand new section of Supplemental Materials and Worksheets (Application, Reference Letter, Advanced Bible Exam, and more).
© 2004 Neil Cole, Revised Edition 2010
Published by CMA Resources
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843930-5-3
ISBN-10: 0-9843930-5-6

Check out a sampling of pages from this helpful guide: TruthQuest Facilitator's Guide Excerpt

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TruthQuest Participant Notebook


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by Neil Cole Revised Edition TruthQuest is not merely a workbook to study theology. Rather, TruthQuest is a discovery system designed to equip leaders to continue the journey of learning for the rest of their life.
by Neil Cole TruthQuest requires a learning community of between four and eight learners and at least one facilitator. So we have put together this package to help you get started. This pack contains: 1 TruthQuest

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