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Expanding the Kingdom of God in Housing/Multi-Family Living - Eric & Kim Lee

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Expanding the Influence of God's Kingdom in the Domain of Housing/Residential Living by Eric & Kimberly Lee

E K Lee

Eric & Kimberly Lee have never been afraid to use a small space and some food to reach out to those around them.  Since the beginning of their marriage over 13 years ago, they have utilized their gifting of hospitality to welcome all into their home, which has ranged from a 27’ travel trailer to a three bedroom apartment.  Currently they are leading the WA Organic Church Network and overseeing Community Northwest, which places teams in apartment communities to serve and reach out to the residents and staff.  Over the last five years, they have become familiar with reaching the very transitional nature of renters and multifamily housing.


Length: 1 hour 22 minutes.  (Originally recorded onto 2 CDs & sold for $12. In the middle of the workshop a brief amount was not recorded.)

Note: This workshop was recorded live in the moment with only the main speakers having microphones. Please be understanding of the limitations for recording a live workshop.

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in Long Beach, California

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