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Upward, Outward, Inward: Passing on the Baton of Discipleship

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by Mitsuo Fukuda

English Translation of this important book for the Japanese Church.

"What would happen if God were to bring ten new believers into the Church in a single day? Would we be able to disciple them? What if it were a hundred people in a week? Do you think it’s possible to receive a thousand new believers a month? If a million people were saved, would the Church be ready to disciple them?"

The Lord wants us to prepare workers for the harvest - people with a simple message of love and service, who can pass that message on. If we want to see many, many people come to Christ, then we will need to find a way for them to be discipled and to become disciplers.

This book from the Japanese house church provides one way for any Christian to become a discipler: it gives simple, practical ways to live out the Gospel, to explain the Gospel, and to pass the baton of discipleship on to others.


Mitsuo Fukuda's Upward, Outward, Inward describes an intensely biblical pattern of growth that mirrors our Lord's Great Commandment and Great Commission. Brother Mitsuo offers wise insights into how God desires to use spiritual disciplines in our lives to bring about kingdom growth and multiplication in the world today.
Dr. David Garrison, author of Church Planting Movements.

It is clear that all over the world, the church is taking new ground through house church movements. Japan is no exception. In this totally down to earth and practical book, Mitsuo clearly outlines why Biblical models of church life work anywhere in the world, including Japan!
Dr. Tony Dale, co-author with Felicity Dale and George Barna of The Rabbit and the Elephant, co-founder and President of House 2 House ministries.

This book by my friend Mitsuo Fukuda will surprise you – and, I promise, change some of your perceptions for good, Japanese style. For one: you may still not know how terribly important cockroaches and moths, rabbits and elephants are for the colonization of earth by the Kingdom of God. Romans 1 says it like this: "God's power and divine nature is been understood from what is being made..." Second: God is graciously delivering the Christian church from the self-serving trap designed by religious consumers and those employed by them. Our faith is an apostolic faith; it grows by giving itself away. The church, therefore, comes alive when it dies to its religious self and overcomes its selfish desire to be fed and fed some more, and draws far more life from engaging with the world immediately around it than by sitting through sermon number 580. And, maybe the biggest surprise of this book: to live out God’s life today is not rocket science; it's either simple, or it simply won't work.
Wolfgang Simson, author of The House Church Book and "The Starfish Manifesto"

ISBN: 978-0-9565943-1-0
134 pages
Originally Released in Japanese. Find the
Japanese version:

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Author Bio

Mitsuo Fukuda

Mitsuo Fukuda is an equipper of disciple makers and founder of Rethinking Authentic Christianity Network, which has provided mission strategies and grass-root training systems for Body of Christ in Japan as well as in other Asian nations. After finishing the Graduate School of Theology at Kwansei Gakuin University, he researched Contextualization and Cultural Anthropology at Fuller Theological Seminary as a Fulbright Graduate Student and received a doctorate degree in Intercultural Studies. His previous books include "Mentoring Like Barnabas," "Paradigm Shift in Contextualization," and "Readings in Missiology: Japanese Culture and Christianity."

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