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Missional Movements Conference

Missional Movements Conference

Missional Movements Conference

January 29-30, 2010

Learning from leaders on the cutting edge:

Michael Frost (author of Exiles, The Shaping of Things to Come & ReJesus) and

Neil Cole (author of Organic Church, Organic Leadership, Search & Rescue & Cultivating A Life For God)

The theme will be around creating, empowering and releasing Missional Movements to impact our entire globe for Jesus Christ.

This event is over, but we are glad to post the recordings to bless you:

List of all Sessions from CMA's Missional Movements Conference 2010

Intro to Missional - Michael Frost - Session 1

The Seeds of Church Multiplication Movements - Neil Cole - Session 2

Important Leadership Insights for Movements - Neil Cole - Session 3

Crash Course on What it is to Be Missional - Michael Frost - Session 4

Essential Questions for Being Missional - Michael Frost - Session 5

How Movements are Formed and Released - Neil Cole - Session 6

Summary of Missional Thoughts - Michael Frost - Session 7



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