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Life Transformation Group [LTG] Cards (25pk)

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A Life Transformation Group is a simple way to release the most essential elements of a vital spiritual walk to people who need Jesus. This tool empowers the common Christian to accomplish the uncommon work of reproducing spiritual disciples who can in turn reproduce others. An LTG is made up of two or three people, all of the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability for their spiritual growth and development. It is recommended that a group not grow past three but rather multiply into two groups.

Each LTG card has instructions for how to do the LTG as well as a perforated/tear-off card which is used as a bookmark to use during the week and to facilitate the LTG meetings. Each sturdy 4-fold pamphlet has space on the back for a church or ministry to put an address label or stamp as well. The Original / Red Version of the LTG card has instructions for how to do an LTG and on the bookmark asks 11 accountability questions (ex: Have you lacked integrity in your financial dealings or coveted something that doesn't belong to you this week?) around all sorts of character issues. On the reverse side of the card there is a strategic prayer focus as well. This pack of 25 cards will get you and your church or ministry started with this discipleship tool.

Sample PDF here

© 1999 Neil Cole
Published by CMA Resources
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843930-1-5
Heavyweight 4-panel brochure with perforated bookmark

Other Versions of Life Transformation Groups

LTG Simplified

Life Change Groups

Simplified LTG
questions (Blue)
Life Change
Groups (Green)


Also we offer a 100 LTG card pack

We also offer a Lifetime Permission to duplicate this copyrighted brochure for churches & ministries.
Lifetime Permission Agreement [PDF]



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French LTG card or Groupes de Croissance (GdC)

Spanish LTG card or Grupos que Transforman Vidas

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Our Price: $19.95

A Simplified version of the regular LTG Cards(red/white/blk)-With only 5 Character Conversation Questions instead of 11. Each LTG card has instructions for how to do the LTG as well as a perforated/tear-off card which
CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. ALL ORDERS WILL BE ON BACKORDER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! A LTG Card is a four-fold brochure that includes the 11 Character Conversation Questions listed in Neil Cole's book, Cultivating a Life for God.

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