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Journeys To Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul

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by Neil Cole

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A fresh, powerful, biblically based model of leadership development springing from the life of the Apostle Paul. Using the four journeys of Paul (not stopping with the traditional "three" missionary journeys), Cole shows how Paul’s leadership developed over the course of his life to get better and better with time and maturity. Paul, the original “church planter,” was very instrumental in the growth of Christianity—and a perfect model for today’s leaders.   Using the life and leadership lessons of the Apostle Paul, Cole shows how to develop leaders who are skilled, dedicated, and always open to learning from experience.

ISBN-13: 978-0470529447
Published by Jossey Bass (March 2011)
208 pages



"Journeys to Significance is one of the more interesting books to come along in a long time. Based on the life of the apostle Paul and his journeys, Neil Cole's book explores the various stages in life a leader has to pass through and how each stage affects the next stage until the leader reaches a point of maturity in which ministry is maximized and contentment with oneself is achieved (unless the leader gives up along the way). There are two reasons to buy this book: one is to read a new and creative interpretation of the life of Paul; the other is to compare the lessons Paul learned on this journeys to how God is working in your own life." -Bill Easum, from the March/April 2012 issue of Outreach magazine


"Neil Cole, using the metaphor of journeys, focuses on five important development phases of the apostle Paul's timeline.... The strengths of this work, apart from the good overview of Paul's life and ministry, are the post-chapter sections dealing with lessons--first observations from Paul's life and then often valuable personal lessons from the author's life.  Neil gives the best interpretation of Paul's progress of ministry breakthrough insights that I have seen.... This interpretive biography of Paul is a valuable resource for a leader who wants to pursue the Leadership mandate (Hebrews 13:7,8) and learn from Paul's examples."
–Dr. J. Robert Clinton, professor of leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary; author of The Making Of A Leader

"Neil's coaching of thousands of leaders throught the years helps him know exactly what to look for and how to apply it in the lives of leaders.  No matter what life/ministry phase you are in, you will find insightes here that help you better understand how you are being shaped for you leadership assignment."
–Reggie McNeal, author, The Present Future, A Work of Heart, and Missional Renaissance

"To all the wanna-be revolutionaries still cocooned in fear, past failures, and forgotten dreams, this book is for you! As an expert in leadership both prophetically and practically, Neil will take you somewhere you really want to go...into a life of street-level influence...the place God really needs leaders."
–Hugh Halter, author, The Tangible Kingdom and The Tangible Kingdom Primer

"Multitudes of people start well, but...only a third of a hundred or so Biblical characters finished well. Neil Cole gives us encouragement and much-needed advice for a life of greater significance and satisfaction as we increase in maturity."
–Bob Buford, author, Halftime and Finishing Well; founder Leadership Network

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Excerpt from Chapter 1- Born To A Destiny (PDF)
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Article on Paul's Last Missionary Journey

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Click HERE to download "seed thoughts" in an earlier article (PDF)

Video Presentation by Neil Cole on the Journeys of Paul

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