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Is the Miraculous Missing in our Movement? - Dezi Baker, Tony Dale & Daniel Hari

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Honest questions and stories around the miraculous and the organic church movement.


Length: 1 hour and 32 minutes. (Originally recorded onto 2 CDs & sold for $10)

D Baker

Dezi Baker is a prophetically gifted leader and shepherd who has been with the organic church movement since its beginnings. A catalyst and visionary behind church expressions like BigFish Chapels and the Endlessknot, Dezi also is a part of CMA's APEST Council. Perhaps best known for his rich stories and authentic holistic approach to the Christian life. Dezi resides in Globe Arizona, where He, is part of city council, business owner and active in the community. His wife Susie, and their children continually apply God's organic principles to his 'City without a Church' vision.

T Dale

Tony Dale isn’t a rookie when it comes to being in the thick of church-planting movements. While receiving his medical training at Barts Hospital in London in the mid-70s, the Dales were active in the British House Church movement, pioneering a church in their medical college and later in the East End of London. In 1987, the Dales moved to the United States, where they developed businesses to support themselves and again jumped heart-first into church planting. Out of these church-starting pursuits, the vision and relationships developed that led to the formation of House2House magazine. They also have authored several books, including: Simply Church, Getting Started- Practical Guide to Starting Simple Churches & The Rabbit & The Elephant with George Barna.

D Hari

Daniel Hari is a theologian, a speaker at seminars in German-speaking areas, and a freelance evangelist who reaches out to the New Agers at Body Mind Spirit Festivals. Signs and wonders play an important role in his evangelistic seminars. To reach this target group Daniel haswritten two books—Heal like Jesus did (Heilen wie Jesus) and Love as Jesus did (Lieben wie Jesus), and is the co-author of Your are God’s Representative on Earth (Du bist Gottes Stellvertreter auf Erden}. He challenges western Christians to re-introduce the supernatural to evangelism to reach postmodern people. Daniel is married to Cornelia, they have four children and live near Lucerne, Switzerland.


Note: This workshop was recorded live in the moment with only the main speakers having microphones. Please be understanding of the limitations of recording a live workshop. Also a short few moments were lost in the middle of the workshop because of recording transfer between the 2 CDs.

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