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Times are changing. People are crying out for an authentic encounter with the true God and a community of friends. There are many who are longing to experience church in a fresh and simple way. To put a word to it, they long for something more—organic.

The organic church is an old concept. It is so old, it is now new. It’s ancient yet future. Church should happen wherever life happens. Organic church planting is church planting “from the dirt”. It begins where the lost are, bringing church to people rather than bringing people to church. Organic churches are simply about relationships: with God, the family of God, and those who do not yet know God.

There's a movement afoot in postmodern America. It's a movement toward spirituality...into relationships...for purpose. People are looking for these things -and they are finding them -in the occult, self-made religions, and grass-roots social action groups. And sadly, it's a movement away from church. People just aren't waking up on Sunday morning saying, "HEY, I think the church is what I need to provide meaning and hope!" What's more, there's a lot of Christian people and leaders who are longing to do church in a fresh, more "organic" way.

It's time for the church in America to learn how God is moving with power in the growing church around the world. It's time for us to sit at the feet of missionaries and martyrs who have quietly planted the gospel in places of hardship...and still seen incredible fruitfulness. It's time for us to make choices that might mean we trade in our personal dreams and visions for the glory of God and the gladness of all peoples.

The Greenhouse is a relational context for leaders from a city or region to gather together in a supportive environment and learn more about church and church planting from one another and the Scriptures. The Organic Church Planters' Greenhouse includes two regional weekend trainings and regular monthly gatherings. Greenhouse sites are springing up around the U.S. and world.

Testimony from the field:

We had Greenhouse Story 1 Training and those that attended that seminar have been meeting monthly for mutual encouragement and support.  Churches have been planted and continue to grow in homes, work places, buildings and the harvest field is being reaped.  It's been very exciting!
-Katie Driver from St. Paul, MN


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