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Jesus always used natural metaphors to explain the essence and growth of the Kingdom of God. The Organic Church Planters' Greenhouse is designed to bring back the organic nature of God's kingdom and rediscover what a healthy living church ought to be like.

The Greenhouse is a relational context for leaders from a city or region to gather together in a supportive environment and learn more about church and church planting from one another and the Scriptures. It intends to provide a safe place for leaders and churches to learn, grow, flourish and reproduce.

The Greenhouse has two stories. There are two regional weekend intensive trainings that are experienced a year apart so that the learning is current with the demands of ministry in a "just-in-time" fashion. These trainings are followed by regular monthly gatherings. Greenhouse sites are springing up around the U.S. and world.

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Find out more about starting or planting organic churches and the Organic Greenhouse Trainings along with the current Greenhouse events.

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