The Gathering in Globe - For the CMA Movement

Transportation for The Gathering in Globe

To keep costs low for our folks, a Globe local, Bryce Barnes is willing to coordinate some transportation from Phoenix Airport (PHX) to the Gathering on Friday and the return trip from Globe to PHX on Sunday.

We are looking at having two shifts- 1) Leaving PHX Friday at Noon & 2) At 3:30pm. The return trip shifts from Globe to PHX would be in two shifts as well: 1) Noon & 2) 3:30pm.

We recommend that you offer some money for gas and tip the driver!

If you are interested in securing a spot in being transported, please contact Bryce directly at 480-734-5210 or by email.

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Church 3.0

Church 3.0

by Neil Cole

This book addresses the big picture of transforming the globe as well as practical issues of theology, rituals, doctrinal heresy, how to handle children, finances, and other important questions for the future of the church. More details here.