The Gathering in Globe - For the CMA Movement

Speakers for the Gathering in Globe

We are coming together to listen and learn together. If you have experiences in the organic church movement, come relate, share & learn! This Gathering is more about conversations together than an agenda of some people on stage. 

We will have the privilege of having some folks who are practitioners share us about their learning so we can learn together.

Main Session Speakers:

Dezi Baker Dezi Baker: a prophetically gifted leader who has been with the organic church movement since its beginnings. A catalyst and visionary behind church expressions like BigFish Chapels and the Endlessknot, Dezi also is a part of CMA's APEST Council. Perhaps best known for his rich stories and authentic holistic approach to the Christian life. Dezi resides in Globe Arizona, where He, is part of city council, business owner and active in the community. His wife Susie, and their children continually apply God's organic principles to his 'City without a Church' vision.

Steve Sjogren

Steve Sjorgren: launched the Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1985 with 37 people. Under his leadership, the dynamic congregation grew to more than 6000 in average attendance. From the onset VCC had a strong emphasis on servant evangelism, small groups, church planting and caring for the needy. Steve’s first book, Conspiracy of Kindness (Vine Books, 1993), has gained attention across a broad base of church leaders as an effective and creative approach to sharing the love of Christ. Following a medical accident in 1997 and during his recovery, Steve became the Launching Pastor. Through the years the church planting internship program and Steve’s coaching efforts have produced several dozen successful church plants. Steve is currently focused on writing, speaking and mentoring church planters. Steve’s passion for evangelism, church planting and leadership development is reflected in his writing.

neil cole Neil Cole: church planter, coach, co-founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates and His influence touches many of our lives as a friend, leader and man of God. His writings  include, Cultivating a Life for God, Organic Church, Search & Rescue, TruthQuest, Beyond Church Planting, Raising Leaders for the Harvest, Organic Leadership, and his newest book Church 3.0. Neil also blogs and tweets. We are excited to hear from him about some of what he articulated in the book and more.

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Church 3.0

Church 3.0

by Neil Cole

This book addresses the big picture of transforming the globe as well as practical issues of theology, rituals, doctrinal heresy, how to handle children, finances, and other important questions for the future of the church. More details here.