The Gathering in Globe - For the CMA Movement

Saturday Relational Time

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Sports Tourneys Basketball Ultimate Frisbee Tennis Volleyball Kids activities Hula hoop relay Bat spin Three legged race Potato sack race Hiking – out Six Shooter Indian Camp – Indian Christians > invite them to hang with us, teach us Old West excursion – shows Get the train running Antique Shopping

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for April 9-11:



Facilitating church multiplication movements by focusing resources on reproducing disciples, leaders, ministries and churches ...more HERE...
Also check out our history HERE
And an explanation of the movement

Church 3.0

Church 3.0

by Neil Cole

This book addresses the big picture of transforming the globe as well as practical issues of theology, rituals, doctrinal heresy, how to handle children, finances, and other important questions for the future of the church. More details here.