The Gathering in Globe - For the CMA Movement

Family Friendly

Bring the Kids! Kids stay Free! Everyone loves camping!

We are crafting this time to be family friendly.  We have a saying in our movement that "When children receive the Lord, they don't get a Jr. Sized Holy Spirit and a Jesus action figure!"  They are fully endowed with the fullness of God!  We want our kids to know each other and grow and encourage us all.

To celebrate this, we are not charging anything for those 17 yrs. and younger.

During the main sessions we will have some kids-oriented activities (particularly for Pre-K through 5th grade), but they will always be welcome to be a part of the times together.

Come a few days early or stay a few days later to go white water rafting, see the mountains, enjoy the wild, or take a long jaunt to the Grand Canyon! Make this a great family trip and spend the time together and with other families from the movement!


Educational Activities

Besh Ba Gawah, an Indian Museum right in the Park where we will be- On Google
Overview , Pics , Planning your visit

Find out more about other things to do in the Globe area.

More things to do outside of Globe but in close proximity.

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Church 3.0

Church 3.0

by Neil Cole

This book addresses the big picture of transforming the globe as well as practical issues of theology, rituals, doctrinal heresy, how to handle children, finances, and other important questions for the future of the church. More details here.