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Friday April 9 - Sunday April 11, 2010

Less like a conference, more like Woodstock...


This event is over.  See below the recordings of the main sessions:

Steve Sjogren - Little Things Done With Love Can Change the World (Sat am)

Neil Cole - You Have More Than Enough! (Sun am)


A small picture gallery was posted here. If you have more pictures, please submit them to us here


Purposes for this Gathering:

Nurturing Relationships- (N)

Some have been tracking with the CMA movement from the beginning and see this as their family. This time will be like a reunion for those and yet there are many that the Lord is drawing into this movement. This gathering will be about nurturing relationships-old & new! In this vein, this will be an experience for the whole family! We want to have time together from the youngest to the oldest.

Holy Moments (D)

Around campfires, over a cup of coffee, in conversation, in an adventure, through nature, on the sport field, or in the sessions, we are creating space for the people of God to be together and trusting that the Lord will meet and move each person in significant ways.

Globe theatre

Encourage the city of Globe (A)

We have gotten the question of "why gather in Globe?" The reasons are many, but it starts with a cluster of families are living there and seeking the best for that city. God loves Globe and has used it as a significant retreat place for others from the movement, so we wanted to be there together. We also want to bless the city by investing our time and money there.

Yes you'll recognize the DNA of CMA in those 3 purposes!

Some more thoughts from Neil Cole's blog: A Spiritual Pilgrimage of Organic Church People to Globe, AZ



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Church 3.0

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