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Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically - From the Inside Out

Church Transfusion
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by Neil Cole & Phil Helfer


In Church Transfusion Neil Cole (the foremost expert on organic church) teams up with his co-founder of Church Multiplication Associates, Phil Helfer, to help conventional churches become the seedbeds of mission and multiplication they were meant to be. There is a lot of talk today about how to make the church more missional. This book exposes the roadblocks that keep churches from changing and offers an achievable approach for seeing churches everywhere transfused with the life and presence of Jesus Christ.

ISBN-13: 978-1118131282
Published by Jossey Bass (September 2012)
224 pages

The Book's Content:

The first part of the book puts forth the idea that change is impossible with men, but possible with God. While there are many books available on church transition, we believe that it takes more than a assessment of where you're at, a new direction, a better set of bigger goals, a refined mission statement and a new logo and building campaign to truly change a church from within. As any who have read our material already know, the key to health, life and reproduction is in the DNA. If your church is already established and it obviously does not have a complete DNA is it possible to change? How do you change someone's DNA? Well, that is truly the realm of science fiction today...but so is the resurrection. With men these things are impossible, but with God all things are possible. This sort of change, however, is more than a church transition, it is a church transfusion. Healthy DNA must be released into the body to replicate, influence and even replace the unhealthy DNA from the inside out. The first part of this book examines what it takes to do this and presents several real examples of such churches that are each very different in their journeys to transfusion.

The second part of the book is about how to implement successful transfusion. Chapters cover practical subjects such as

  • Dying to live
  • The leadershift necessary
  • Detox from dependency issues
  • Releasing and empowering people
  • The price a healthy church must be willing to pay
  • Healthy disciple-making
  • How to pilot change in a "skunk-works" type project
  • How to reproduce rather than simply clone
  • New ways of measuring success
  • How to equip people for influence in the world (not just the church)

Like all our resources, this book will be chock full of real life stories and examples as well as the type of ideas that can only be forged in the flames of true experience. We will pull no punches. The book will tell the glory stories right next to the gory ones.

From Blog Entry by Neil Cole Introducing the Concepts of the Book






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