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Organic Church Interview with Neil Cole by Nomad | Audio

50:47 minutes (23.25 MB)

We welcome Neil Cole to our first show of 2011.

Insecurity: Finding Our Identity in Christ - Neil Cole @ The City Church - Singapore

48:35 minutes (33.56 MB)

Neil shares in the Sunday morning service of The City Church in Singapore on Sunday March 6, 2011.

Organic Church Principles in the Conventional Church by Phil Helfer | Audio

60:15 minutes (27.6 MB)

Phil Helfer was asked by a collection of pastors in the Southern California area to speak on this topic- Organic Church Principles in the Conventional Church on March 8, 2011.

Interview with Neil Cole by Mick Mooney on | Audio

47:29 minutes (21.76 MB)

I interviewed Neil Cole, well known author and speaker on organic church life.

Organic Church: Chapter 1 by Neil Cole |

31:57 minutes (14.65 MB)

This excerpt of the audio version of Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens by Neil Cole is provided by  You ca

Journeys To Significance: Learning from the Life of Paul by Neil Cole | Audio

56:32 minutes (25.91 MB)

Exponential 2011 missional track workshop with Neil Cole. We are used to seeing Paul as teacher, but he is such a good teacher because he is first a good learner.

State of the American Church by David T. Olson | Audio

68:46 minutes (31.49 MB)

Exponential 2011 workshop with Dave Olson. Find out the most current statistics regarding the American Church. Where is the church declining and growing? What are causing these changes?

Moody Missions Conference Chapel by Neil Cole for the Moody 125th Anniversary | Audio

40:30 minutes (9.27 MB)

Neil Cole, the founder and executive director of Church Multiplication Associates, was asked to share at the Moody Bible Institute Missions Conference in Octobe

Your Next Church Planter Could be a Crack Dealer | Audio

5:09 minutes (4.73 MB)

Your next church planter could be a crack dealer. Most of us go looking for our next church planter among bright young youth pastors or seminary students.

The Mission of Leaders with Ed Waken

18:35 minutes (8.53 MB)

Ed Waken shares with the Valley Life Church network and others about leadership. What is the mission of leaders? Are they to feed the sheep? What are they to do?

Building Kingdom Movementum by Neil Cole | Audio

61:17 minutes (28.78 MB)

Exponential 2011 missional track workshop with Neil Cole, who has been on a life-long quest to understand and catalyze movements.

More Than A Sunday Faith

More Than A Sunday Faith

by Chris Suitt

Stop going to church and be the church every where you go! This brand new CMA resource will give every believer the “how-to’s” of becoming more like Jesus, a healthy faith, throughout the week; thus enabling them to reproduce healthy disciples.  More details here.


Cultivando una Vida para Dios

by Neil Cole

Brand new Spanish Translation in print of Cole's bestselling classic Cultivating a Life for God find out more

Primal Fire cover

Primal Fire

by Neil Cole

Primal Fire is a book that any Christian can read and find helpful in their calling to serve Jesus. It is a paradigm shifting work that will affect the way we understand ourselves and how we relate to one another in Christ's body...more

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