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Dream With Me by Sonja Baldwin


"Our Father, who is in Heaven, Holy is Your name!
Your Kingdom come!  Your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven!"

Dream with me...a Kingdom dream.  Dream of what can be, of what is already if we can only see.  Imagine with the creativity of our Maker.  Open your mind's eye to the seemingly impossible.  Break down the walls of the box we're in...the box we've put God in (as if He, the Omnipotent, could really be contained only in our small imaginations!)  The box that says we have to do things like we've always done them before.  "For what is impossible with man is possible with God!" We know this in our heads, but not in our hearts. We certainly don't demonstrate that we believe it.  We must put feet to knowing.  Our words must take flight.  Our sending God who sent His only Son into this world to become human just like us...is now sending us to "become flesh" to those around us.  But what does that mean?  He "moved into our neighborhood." How can we do less if we truly seek to follow Him?

Dream with me...a Kingdom dream...of going where God is already at work in hearts and lives...where Monday is as special as Sunday, where singing or praying, mowing a yard or playing catch are equally sacred acts of worship...where people are known and accepted for who they are in Jesus rather than what they've done or not done in the past.  A young mom can feel the love and support of other mothers like her and older, who have experience and wisdom to share, a shoulder to cry on, or maybe just a listening ear.  Children without fathers can know the love and stability of men who find their strength and courage in Christ.  Men who struggle with life-controlling habits and the depression of unemployment find a purpose for living and regain the dignity that has been stolen from them.  Those who face the daily gnaw of poverty can discover that Jesus is the answer...not that they will no longer be poor...but that He will be their strength and their provider no matter what happens, learning that Jesus has an especially tender place in His heart for them.  Now that is Good News!

Dream with me...a Kingdom dream.  Envision living and loving, laughing and lamenting in the day to day activities of Kingdom life in your neighborhood or one near you.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary when the light and life of Jesus are infused into broken lives as we stand shoulder to shoulder, sharing joys and sorrows, plenty and need, sickness and health, poverty and wealth.  We become witnesses of the transforming power of Jesus as His healing touch brings wholeness to body, soul, and spirit.  The Holy Scriptures come alive as the New Testament church walks off the pages of our Bibles into everyday life on the street and in the park, in the backyards and in the living rooms of family members we have yet to meet.

Dream with me...a Kingdom dream.  Sense the stirring, experience the holy awe of being in the center of what God is doing...  frightening yet exciting, in the eye of a hurricane but knowing that God is in control.  Unpredictable, ever-changing, and yet we hold the hand of the Unchanging One.  To rest in His peace, to walk one step at a time with Him right beside us and sometimes carrying us, this is the best, the only place to be!

Dream with me!  Dream with us!  Can you?  Will you? Dream with us...a Kingdom dream!


© 2010 Sonja Baldwin (email)

Our small missional church has been connecting weekly with an impoverished neighborhood. We have a picnic in the park and invite any and all to come. We are seeing God already at work there and we want to join Him! This article was written as a cry from my heart for workers in the "fields white unto harvest." 

My husband, Randy, and I live in Springfield, Missouri. Our home and our work as teachers is in a center city neighborhood which includes a homeless shelter and many impoverished people. We are part of a church called the Journey whose vision is to establish connection groups all over the city and beyond, as we follow Jesus' example of being "incarnated" where we live, work, and play.

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