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Greenhouse Gatherings Worksheets - #1-C Growing Packet

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Download the following worksheets which can be used for the Organic Greenhouse Monthly Gatherings. These Gatherings are typically done after an Organic Greenhouse Story 1 Training.

The "Growing Indigenous Disciples & Churches" Packet written by Dr. Paul Kaak was crafted as the third round of sessions after the Greenhouse Story 1 Training. The packet contains 3 Worksheet Sessions (12-16 pages each) as PDF Files.

    1. Growth and Organic Structures

      While the planters wait for growth, they can be getting ready. By equipping themselves with structures that require little to no money, are very reproducible, and have an avoidance of inappropriate dependency built in, the church planting team will be ready to encourage the growth of new believers.

    2. Growth and Practices, Patterns, and Sayings

      Establishing missional values is important - right from the start. This session looks at some of the basic practices of the early church as well as patterns, places, and times for meeting. How to pass on simple and yet profound truths to a new church just getting off the ground is also discussed.

    3. Growth and Foundations for Health

      The issues of spiritual gifts, money, and children are so practical and unique in the context of the simple/organic church. Churches that start right in these areas are more likely to have a life of impact for generations to come. Thinking these things through organically, though, requires some shifts in our paradigms.



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      Helpful teachings on many facets of organic church!

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